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So, what can we get you? Depending on flight duration and season, the beverages and small as well as more substantial meals we offer you will vary.

Murauer Beer

On scheduled flights of up to 60 minutes: A sweet temptation and fine beverages

On flights of less than 60 minutes, we will be offering you our entire range of beverages (except for coffee specialities such as the Wiener Melange). We have tasted our way through the best-known and most exquisite Austrian wines and have made a careful selection for you: A Gemischter Satz, a smart white wine spritzer that even Austria's erstwhile emperor would have been partial to, and full-bodied red wines are among the excellent wines we have on board - however, we also serve traditional as well as bottom-fermented Maerzen lager.


What's more, we will present you with a Salzburg chocolate medallion - for you or your loved ones at home! Making this short flight experience even shorter.

On 60- to 100-minute scheduled flights: snacks, as well as cold and hot nibbles

On flights of 100 minutes or less, there will also be nibbles and snacks from Austria to delight your palate. Would you care for dumplings with buttered crumbs and homemade stewed berries to go with your Melange? Or a Chicken Caesar Sandwich? Whatever you pick - freshness is guaranteed! Of course, we'll make sure to include typically Austrian snacks like Manner Schnitten, Kelly's Chips or mini marble cakes!


On 100-minute to 3-hour scheduled flights: hot dishes that are a must on any Beisl menu

When flights are 100 minutes long or more, we have ample time to serve you a delicious, hot meal. Take your pick: Our regular menu features traditional red pepper chicken served with homemade buttered dumplings - typically Austrian! It's a favourite among the children who fly with us. Or how about a lye roll topped with Neuburger meatloaf. Or fried crispy chicken schnitzel? We would love to surprise you with what we have prepared for you!

Everything at a glance - the Austrian Melangerie menu

Would you like to know in advance what to expect? Do you prefer having everything at a glance? No problem! You can already check the Austrian Melangerie menu before your flight and familiarise yourself with the variety of products offered by our new catering service. Furthermore, you can also discover our Special Deals as well as information about the products.

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