Treat Yourself to a Bit of Luxury With Austrian Melangerie

Your trip is supposed to be fun - allow us to indulge you: Austrian Melangerie makes spoiling yourself with a delicious treat easy!

Food service on austrian airlines flight

All your choice, all your pleasure: Something special above the clouds.

Now that you're going on an airplane trip, why not start enjoying yourself the moment you get on board. Maybe with a glass of Kattus Frizzante? A traditional red pepper Chicken served with homemade buttered dumplings? Or how about a hearty homemade roll with Bergbaron cheese along with a small glass of beer? Take your pick from our menu of Austrian specialties - simply follow your taste buds! Just the thing to start your trip with a bit of luxury.

Everything at a glance - the Austrian Melangerie menu

Would you like to know in advance what to expect? Do you prefer having everything at a glance? No problem! You can already check the Austrian Melangerie menu before your flight and familiarise yourself with the variety of products offered by our new catering service. Furthermore, you can also discover our Special Deals as well as information about the products.

austrian airlines melangerie menu

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