Save Time and Enjoy With Austrian Melangerie

Time to take an indulgent break! With Austrian Melangerie, you really get to kick back on board and enjoy a fine treat even on stressful days.

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Start your day energized with a fine breakfast

Already hitting the road early in the morning? That often doesn't leave enough time for a decent breakfast. Before you grab a quick bite at home or stress out, because you still want to buy something to eat, here's our recommendation: Save yourself the time! Once you're aboard Austrian Airlines, you'll be looking forward to typical Viennese pastries and coffee. Or maybe a stuffed roll, if savoury is more to your liking! No rush, just taking your time. This way, you will arrive at your scheduled appointment feeling energized.

Everything at a glance - the Austrian Melangerie menu

Would you like to know in advance what to expect? Do you prefer having everything at a glance? No problem! You can already check the Austrian Melangerie menu before your flight and familiarise yourself with the variety of products offered by our new catering service. Furthermore, you can also discover our Special Deals as well as information about the products.

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