Frequently Asked Questions About Austrian Melangerie


General Questions

In the future, we will be offering our Economy Class passengers a new onboard service on flights with a flying time of up to 180 minutes (that means all our European flights, e.g., London and Larnaca). “Austrian Melangerie” will focus on quality, regional produce and choice in the catering offer available on board. You will be able to select food and drinks from a wide range of high-quality products according to your needs. Afterwards, you can easily and conveniently pay for them on board.

The change will affect flights with a flying time of up to 180 minutes; the longest flights affected are the flights to Larnaca and Krasnodar. Austrian Holidays charter flights are not affected by this change.

The actual flight duration may differ slightly from the one indicated online (e.g., due to weather conditions or the type of aircraft used). We have included all flights with an average flight duration of 180 minutes.

The snack offer was already removed from our booking section some time ago due to the necessary service adjustments caused by the Corona pandemic.

We have set ourselves the goal of individualising our catering offer. Even before the Corona crisis, we could see that the choice between sweet and salty snacks no longer met the needs of our passengers. This has become apparent through customer feedback and has been further confirmed over the past few months.

For this reason, we offer a wide selection of high-quality products on our European flights with the "Austrian Melangerie". This will give you the opportunity to decide for yourself whether and how you want to be indulged on board.

In the future, we will use a "forecasting system" to optimise loading. In this way, we want to keep waste as low as possible.

In addition, we will pay more attention to the origin and production of the products on offer. Furthermore, we are working on a packaging concept that, on the one hand, focuses on environmentally friendly materials - and, on the other hand, allows guests to take their food with them due to its functionality.

No, with the introduction of “Austrian Melangerie”, the DO & CO à la Carte offer will be discontinued.

Of course, you can bring your own meals and drinks. Please note the regulations on carrying liquids before the security control as well as the hand luggage regulations.

Currently, there is no separate service for status customers.


The range will be changed seasonally and we expect to do so twice a year.

The supply will differ according to the meal and route. In any event, we will use a “forecasting system” to optimise the supply. This way, we aim to minimise any kind of waste.

The product range offered depends on the respective flight duration. On shorter flights, there will be a reduced offer.

The future offer will be selected in such a way as to cover the most common special meal requirements. You will be able to find out about ingredients and allergens before departure by looking at the menu, which will be available on our website.

In the future, you will find food and snacks that cover the most common special meal requirements. There won't be a dedicated kosher meal for the time being, however, the route on which these meals are most relevant (Vienna – Tel Aviv) is not affected by the change of the catering concept.


On flights lasting less than 75 minutes, you will receive a 0.2 l water bottle on request; on flights lasting longer than 75 minutes, you will receive water in a cup from the 1.5 l water bottle on request. In addition, still and sparkling water can be purchased in a 0.5 l water bottle on all flights.

With the introduction of the “Austrian Melangerie”, we will offer you a wide range of high-quality products from which you can choose according to your personal requirements. All food and drinks will be available for sale. In any case, all guests will receive an “Austrian Signature Treat”, a chocolate treat from Salzburg Schokolade, as a gift.


Prices and Payment

Due to the current situation, we would like to offer you (primarily) the option of cashless or contactless payment. VISA, MasterCard and AMEX credit cards are accepted, just like mobile payment solutions such as Apple Pay. For the time being, we will not accept cash due to the hygiene requirements.

Payment with miles will be possible and we are currently checking when this option will become available.

Snacks are available from € 2 and drinks from € 3. The prices of our freshly prepared products will vary. You can find more information in the menu on our website.

Booking Class and Fares

The service in Business Class will not change with the introduction of our new catering concept.

You are also welcome to purchase products from our Austrian Melangerie. However, you will still receive the usual Business Class service.

The changes to our catering concept will apply to all Economy Class fares. From spring 2021, there will be a free “Austrian Signature Treat” on European flights, a chocolate treat from Salzburg Schokolade, as well as a wide selection of high-quality products that can be purchased on board.

As for our Business Class passengers on European flights, nothing will change as a result of the transition.

The new catering concept includes an offer tailored to flights with a flight duration of up to 180 minutes. On our long-haul flights, we will continue to offer a comprehensive range of food & beverages free of charge.

No, passengers will continue to receive the usual service on Austrian Holidays flights. These flights can be identified by a four-digit flight number starting with 2 or 9, e.g., OS9103 to Rhodes.

Open-Jaw Flights

Meals will always depend on the operating carrier, i.e., the airline that operates the flight. Lufthansa and SWISS are also introducing a new catering concept in 2021, similar to the one offered by Austrian Airlines.

The new onboard service will be introduced at all Lufthansa Group Premium Airlines in the course of the coming year: Lufthansa, SWISS and Austrian as well as Lufthansa Cityline.