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Our belief is that good food and beverages must be sustainable, regional and seasonal, Austrian, and varied!

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Austrian, regional & seasonal

We firmly believe that the idea of "the more international the better" has gone out of style. We all want food that was ripe when harvested, that has not been shipped from afar and that uses as little packaging as possible. That is why we made sure to find suppliers able to meet these standards. Not only will you be enjoying Austrian dishes on board, but we will also be preparing them using Austrian ingredients - the vegetables are fresh from the market, the meat is sourced from sustainable farms, and preservatives are a no-no! On top of that, we adapt our menu seasonally to suit what the market has to offer.


Our wine and beers hail from Vienna and the rest of Austria. It doesn't get much closer than that!

Sustainable packaging: healthy, and keeps food fresh

Generally, we plate our food on paperboard and avoid plastic where possible. Our Brettljause comes in a dapper chip wood box, hot dishes are delivered in heatable cardboard boxes, and the bread comes in a traditional wrapping made of stiff food paper.

fresh fish

Our trusted brand: Henry for Austrian

With Do & Co and the Henry for Austrian brand, we have found the ideal catering partner who meets all our requirements. Henry has been cooking fresh, regional and high-quality food as a matter of course for years - always with a trained eye on what appeals to the customers' palate. The quality you may already be accustomed to from the Henry restaurants in Vienna and at the airport is the quality you can now expect above the clouds with Austrian Airlines, too!

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