Our culinary Onboard Service: Austrian Melangerie


Austrian Melangerie - Your Pleasure Above the Clouds

You choose where you fly and at what price. It goes without saying that you also decide what you want to drink or eat on your flight!


The culinary pampering concept on European flights

High-quality food, sustainably produced and Austrian. That is our claim. The Austrian Melangerie offers you freshly prepared hot and cold meals on short- and medium-haul flights in Economy Class, as well a selection of snacks, drinks and fresh coffee. Choose from our menu on your next flight and pay directly to our cabin crew. We update the assortment seasonally. Find here the current selection.


The Austrian Melangerie to go

Zero Foodwaste. This is a major concern for us. That's why we now offer the "Melangerie to go". If unsold fresh products are still available shortly before landing in Vienna, we offer you a "Melangerie bag", at a reduced price. Depending on the quantity, you will receive one or two fresh products as well as a set of cutlery - just in a paperbag to go.

The aim of the initiative is to reduce food waste without reducing the variety of food on board.

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